Want to have something amazing happen at your party or event?

A White Pines party at a local restaurant!

A White Pines party at a local restaurant!

White Pines Private Parties!

Tired of DJs? Magicians? Or God forbid . . . clowns??? Then do something new and inventive for your next party – let us create with you 20 – 40 minutes of completely original entertainment which will surprise and delight your guests. 

performance at bat-mitzvah reception

performance at bat-mitzvah reception



  • Any event

  • Any location

  • Any theme


White Pines uses the mad skills of our improv ensemble Bright Invention to create private parties for


  • Birthdays

  • Engagements/showers/weddings

  • Bar/bat mitzvahs

  • Social groups

  • Events for a cause

  • Organizational retreats and conventions



"The White Pines staff and artists were invested in our event from the beginning. They wanted our party to be meaningful and fun. Working with highly creative people in a collaborative way was a once in a lifetime experience. ".  Kate Forest, private party host.


White Pines Private Party Fee Schedule

A performance of objects of affection/

A performance of objects of affection/

Objects of Affection. Our basic private party form. Guests are invited to bring objects that remind them of the guest of honor, or the cause being celebrated. Four actors create scenes and monologues from these objects. Total time: 30 – 45 minutes.  Note: objects will be handled by the actors.

Space requirement: any large room in which an audience can be assembled, and objects seen that are placed on the floor in front of the playing area.

Fee: $750

site-specific performance

site-specific performance



Living Clue. Our actors are Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard and all the other suspects in the famous board game! Your guests are divided into teams led by our six actors in character, to search for clues from rooms in your home. The game ends when a team discovers who did it, with what weapon, in which room! Time 45 – 90 minutes depending on size of party and residence.

Space requirement: a home or residence with at least six rooms available as possible “crime scenes” (the board game has nine rooms), and one large room in which all the guests and actors can assemble.

Fee: $1750


Custom-DESIGNED performance for fund-raising gala for Philly friendship circle

Custom-DESIGNED performance for fund-raising gala for Philly friendship circle


Specially designed parties. Let us co-create a unique and unforgettable party for your event, with live actors. We can do a Tony n Tina’s Wedding - type environmental party, a rehearsed performance for your gala, an improvisation form we create with you, facilitate games for your guests to play, or provide a unique character to interrupt the proceedings and deliver an astonishing speech - or all of the above!

As event planners for large nonprofit events, we always look for ways to make our programs engaging, entertaining but also educational. WP nailed all three objectives with their talent, spirit and attention to detail. Our audience LOVED them...and so did we!  - Sheri Resnik, creative consultant; Joan Denenberg, Denenberg Communications

Fee: negotiable depending on time required and number of personnel.

Contact Executive Director Benjamin Lloyd at discover.wpp@gmail.com or 877-674-8338