New: The White Pines Young Actor's Studio!

 Yale School of Drama graduate Benjamin Lloyd leads a rehearsal with young actors at White Pines

Yale School of Drama graduate Benjamin Lloyd leads a rehearsal with young actors at White Pines

We a thrilled to announce a new beginning for our theater training for young people! "For too long, the actual life of the working actor has been misrepresented in the training offered to the young actor," says White Pines' Executive Director Benjamin Lloyd. "The White Pines Young Actor's Workshops will change all that." 

 Scene work

Scene work

At the White Pines Young Actor’s Studio it is the passion for the work that matters, not the experience level.  In our ensemble environment, young actors will have a unique opportunity to get a head start in understanding the foundations of professional acting training.  White Pines Young Actor’s Studio will prepare young artists for future work at a collegiate level, and for the professional field of performance.

White Pines Young Actor’s Studio is for the inquisitive and driven young actor ready to challenge themselves creatively! Together we will explore their dramatic/comedic potential, free up physical expression, tap into emotional depth and find power in their ability to create their own work as well as connect to contemporary text by great playwrights.

Director of Education Dani Bryant says “I’m thrilled to be offering professional training for the total artist. Young actors need innovative training which pushes them artistically and provides space to develop their authentic voice. White Pines Young Actor’s Studio fuses the mission of our organization with a forward thinking approach to professional high-level training.”

Practical skills taught:

  • Audition technique
  • Cold readings
  • Improvising
  • On-camera auditions, slating, ad copy
  • Scene rehearsal, preparation and performance
  • Headshot and resume preparation 
 Scene work

Scene work

Each semester, students will meet casting directors, producers, and theater professionals from the thriving and dynamic Philadelphia theater and film communities. But we don't stop there.  Collaboration is a 21st century art. Whether a young person chooses to pursue a career as an actor or not, we believe that there are many life skills to be learned in an artistic environment like White Pines Young  Actor’s Studio

  • Working as an ensemble

  • Practicing empathy both onstage and off

  • Developing technical discipline

  • Building personal and artistic confidence

Through the White Pines Young Actor’s Studio young people will become a more skilled in working with others and sharing their authentic voice. Thus, they will be ready for whatever job they choose to pursue in the future as well ase work better with those who come into their lives in the future. Lead teacher Alexandra Spadoni says, "I am thrilled about the launch of our young professional studio. My aim is to give students a cohesive foundation that they can build upon with confidence as they grow. I am reminded that I was once in my student’s shoes starting out as a teen in the Philadelphia area hungry to understand how the actors I was seeing in movies and plays were doing what they were doing. It’s an honor to pass down to my students some valuable lessons in American acting technique from the mentors who have inspired me. I can’t wait to get started this Fall!"