Artist profile: Michael London

 Michael London

Michael London

Michael London is an accomplished recording artist, guitarist, singer, and entertainer.  He has released 3 CDs of uplifting, original music and his fourth, "One Whole Heart, Rumi In Song" is coming in 2015, inspired by the deeply moving, transcendental poetry of Rumi, the 13th century Persian Sufi mystic.   Rumi, the great 13th century Sufi poet, offers us an opportunity to deepen our capacity to love and be loved. His ecstatic poems reveal and make tangible our connection with the self, humanity and the divine.  

We sat down with Michael to discuss his upcoming concert at White Pines . . . 

What has been your inspiration for this concert?

I was immediately struck by the ecstatic poems of Rumi.  It spoke to me and uplifted me, speaking to real issues and choices I face in living a joyful life of beauty and purpose.  At the time I started creating songs around the poems I was listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye, who just swept me away with his beautiful soulful vocalizations.  I asked myself, “How would Marvin Gaye sing Rumi!”, and this vocal and compositional style began to emerge.  

What is it about White Pines that made you submit your show to the series Cold Hard Love?

Finding a way to come from love in my relationships with people, work and music is a lifelong challenge and I’m struck by both the challenges and the way my heart gets full when I come from that place.  Rumi said, “A thousand half-loves, must be forsaken, so take one whole heart home”.  So finding love also means not listening to weaker thoughts.  

Anything in particular you'd like to draw our audience's attention to in your music?

Listen to “The Reed” (video below).   Check out the interplay between the musicians and the way we use Rumi’s words to create a flow that transports us.  This give and take is an essential quality to this music that is both based on wisdom from centuries ago and is also of the moment.     

How have rehearsals been going?

 Kenny, Jim and I have a natural rapport with each other and listen intently while we also tune into our own Muses.  We also all love Rumi, so I appreciate that they tune into and honor the words, even though I am the one singing them, responding musically, but also spiritually.  So our prep for the show is in getting into a state of mind where flow is possible and we are ready to engage with each other, the audience and the poetry.

MIchael London, Ken Ulansey and Jim Hamilton will be performing at White Pines Friday March 17th at 8:00 pm. You can order tickets here by clicking here.