Artist profile: Grayce Hoffman

Grayce Hoffman is the author and star of Game. Set. Match. next up in our Cold Hard Love series: Friday and Saturday February 17th and 18th. She is a local theatre artist born and raised in Limerick, Pennsylvania. She recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Psychology. She is currently an apprentice at InterAct Theatre Company and a teaching artist with ASAP Drama. She fell in love with theatre at a young age, and perhaps "should have stuck with it as her only romantic partner," she says wryly. Nevertheless, she is well versed in the trials and tribulations of love, some of which inspired this piece.  

We asked Grayce about Game. Set. Match.

Where did you get the idea that gave rise to your show?

Game. Set. Match. actually started as a sort of diary entry! I came to have so many stories about my Tinder experiences, I thought I should write them down before I forgot some of the juicy parts. People have told me some of the things that happened to me seem like they came straight out of a movie, so I thought maybe they would have theatrical merit as well.

What is it about White Pines that made you submit your show to the series Cold Hard Love?

White Pines seemed like the perfect venue to debut this piece. This show definitely calls for an intimate relationship (pun intended) between the actors and audience, and certainly explores the cold and hard nature of "love" in all its iterations.

Do you have a funny love story to share?

The play is full of them! One that didn't make the cut into the final script is about a man I went out with that I met through a friend. She told me he was in his 20s. He was sweet, we went out a few times. It wasn't until we were making out back at my place that I discovered he was actually closer to my father's age than my own. Oops! He ended up (platonically) spending the night anyway because it was so late he had missed his train home. A word to the wise, twin beds are not made for two people!

Give our audience a teaser for your show!

One man sent me a youtube link as his pickup line. The link was to a song I had never heard before, Makeout by Julia Nunes. Though the man was a dud, I ended up loving the song! Listen for it as the bookends to the piece.

Rehearsal tidbit?

Since starting rehearsal for this piece, it seems as though the men I wrote about have "burning ears." Several of them have reached out to me, when I haven't spoken to them in years!

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