Artist profile: The Hourglass

The Hourglass are Jessika Brust and Andre diMuzio, and with special guest Chris Hendricks they will be presenting Over Land, Over Seas as part of the Cold Hard Love series next weekend, February 24th and 25th. 

Andre DiMuzio, producer/composer/sound engineer/multi-instrumentalist, is originally from Tokyo, Japan; and is currently working and residing in Fayetteville, NC, where he has established a new music label, AD'M.  He has been working on his solo project Odd Cardinal, and another duo project with singer/songwriter Chris Hendricks (of Perfectly Afflicted fame) called Castle Wild; just to name a few.  For The Hourglass he can be seen playing any number of sounds on a keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals, a few random percussion instruments, and miscellaneous string instruments.  He regularly travels back to Japan and over to the UK to maintain his international clientele.

Jessika Brust, vocalist/violinist is originally from the 'burbs of Philly, and returns now to the city after an intense run as a production vocalist aboard luxury cruise ships.  She is classically trained in both her instruments, and maintains her opera studies while branching out in jazz, folk, Americana, pop, and Broadway.  She can be seen performing around town with the band A Fistful of Sugar, playing for weddings and special events with EBE Entertainment, and performing at sea as a solo artist guest entertainer through TAD Management.  Check out to learn more.

We asked Jessika about Over Land, Over Seas . . . 

Where did you get the idea for the show?

We got the idea by virtue of our EP being entitled "Over Land, Over Seas", which is a collection of songs dealing with love during separation, and separation during love.  The title also reflects how we recorded the EP, where we emailed tracks back and forth to each other, all the way from Japan to the US, and then back to wherever either one of us was traveling.  We traded tracks from Vietnam, Australia, Chile, Alaska .... all over the world.

What is about White Pines that made you submit the show to Cold Hard love?

The Hourglass is looking to expand our fanbase; I am new to Philly and thought it would be smart here.  White Pines offered us a flexible space that allowed for creativity to flow when it comes to presentation of our material.  The intimacy of the room will also allow people to see up close the intricacy of what it means to #gethourglassed.

Do you have funny love stories to share? 

More like -- mind blowing, frustrating, yet entertaining love stories to share.  Rest assured, however -- there will be some laughs.

What should our audience look out for in the show?

Be alert for a little tribute to Sassy, aka the jazz goddess and Jessika's inspiration, Sarah Vaughn.  And oh, the tributes won't stop there!

Any rehearsal discoveries/challenges you'd like to share?

We have been collaborating and planning, LITERALLY over land and over seas, since this event was booked.  We have planned our set list and the tales we'll share via Skype conferences, and we are fusing all the elements of it together in the auditorium of my neighborhood elementary school the week before the show moves into White Pines.  This production has been a global AND local community effort!

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