The Elkins Park Fall Festival

On Sunday October 29th, Elkins Park East will again become a block party music festival, with live music being played in four locations continuously throughout the day. High School Park, Elkins Central, Creekside Co-op and The White Pines Place will be performance venues for a variety of musicians, from garage rock bands, to singer songwriters, a cappella groups, jazz and classical ensembles. All the events are free, with donations being accepted to pay musicians. Once again, the heroic David Heitler-Klevans (an Elkins Park native and accomplished musician himself) is the organizer. 

At White Pines, the schedule is as follows:

11:00 am - Marielle Kraft - Indie Pop

12:00 pm - Acoustic Blender - Alternative Folk

1:00 - Dave Posmontier Quartet - Jazz/Latin Jazz

2:00 - CubiZm - Original Folk, Rock

3:00 - Meghan Cary - Singer-Songwriter

4:00 - Spring Muse - Celtic-influenced Folk

5:00 - Saul Broudy and Jim Dragoni - Folk/Country

The full schedule can be found at the Elkins Park Fall Festival Facebook page - click here! 

Look for this poster in local venues, and up and down the "611 corridor"!

2017 EP Fest poster.jpg