White Pines hires KXB Studio to make documentary of The Shindig week

Klementina Budnik

In order to document the discoveries made during our week of rehearsal of Fred Waring's Christmas Shindig, White Pines felt it was vital to have a professional video of our week of work together. After interviewing several studios, Executive Director Benjamin Lloyd selected KXB Studio, led by Klementina Budnik. "Klementina impressed me with her creative ideas about using some short animations as a part of this movie," explains Ben. "She is a dynamic artist and we want her to offer classes at White Pines as well as make movies."

The film will feature interviews with key creative personnel and their families, board members and audience. It will have rehearsal and performance footage, original footage of Fred Waring's TV shows, and the aforementioned animations. The final cut will be between 7 - 10 minutes long, and be used to promote The Shindig as we raise money for the full production. 

KXB Studio has existed in some form or another since 2010. At first, it was embodied in Klementina's freelance career, teaching gigs, and volunteer activities. Through these experiences she found her artistic voice and teaching style. In her art practice she often works outside and animates using traditional animation techniques like hand-drawn and stopmotion. Her classes emphasize the tactile nature of art-making and the power of storytelling. Today, KXB Studio thrives off finding a balance between the marvels of the digital world and the wonders of our natural reality.

  • Reserve tickets to see the work-in-progress show of our week of rehearsal, Sunday June 19th at 7:00 pm at Abington Friends School (and maybe be interviewed by KXB!)
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