Josh Browns, Development Associate, named Artistic Director of Commonwealth Classic theater Co.

2015-07-26 11.10.04.jpg

Josh Browns, hired as Development Associate for White Pines last spring, has been named Artistic Director for Commonwealth Classic Theater Company. Says Josh, "I'm thrilled to be allowed the opportunity to lead CCTC's artistic team going forward. Since Mary Ann founded the company, CCTC has been dedicated to the idea of theater as an 'affordable necessity' in our communities - that our most important job as theater makers is to remove all obstacles, whether they're financial, geographical, or otherwise, between audiences and the work of great playwrights and artists. My own work as a theater educator is founded upon the idea that classic plays are part of our shared cultural heritage, and that the work of great playwrights belongs to everyone. I look forward to being able to not only preserve Mary Ann's amazing legacy but also to guide the company into new directions."

White Pines executive Director Benjamin Lloyd says, "In his brief time on the White Pines staff, Josh exemplified the foresight and creativity inherent to the citizen artists White Pines seeks to support. Our loss is CCTC's gain, and we are excited to see what amazing new shows Josh will co-create with that remarkable company." 

No plans have been announced to replace him as yet. "We are entering a strategic planning phase institutionally, and we want to let that process play out a bit before rushing to make a new hire," Ben said. 

Thank you Josh! And break a leg!