Bright Invention in SoLow Fest: Interviews with The Artists

Next up in our series of interviews is Michelle Pauls! Bright Invention Ensemble member, SoLow artist, and president of The Dirty Word Club.

Photo: Sarah R. Bloom

Tell us a little bit about your solo piece? What’s it about? How did you happen upon these ideas in particular?

The Dirty Word Club is a look backward at times that affected me. Of course they did, because I still remember them! I call it "A celebration of what makes us weird" and I ask everyone to help rejoice in our own weirdness, for at least a moment. I knew I wanted it to be a personal story and I came to Jenn MacMillan with a bunch of ideas. She asked me to excavate those that could fit with the "still weird" theme. And she mentioned a term, "Tall Poppy Syndrome" where none of the poppies in a field will grow any taller than the tallest one, a story of fitting out instead of fitting in. I liked that, and went from there. 

I also wondered about, if I could say something that I would like my younger self to know or wish for her, what would it be? I don't know if this is true for you, but so often I wonder what my life would be like today if I had said or done something different at one of those "crucial times." This isn't like a Sliding Doors mash-up, but it's an undercurrent for me as I explore in my first solo show. I hope to do more work on this, possibly expanding it.  

And my eternal quest to be the best person I can be, including mother to a daughter on the cusp of launching into her own orbit. What could be more awesome than that?


What’s the “weirdest" thing you’ve ever done? 

There was something about aliens, but I don't remember the details...


What can audiences expect to take away from The Dirty Word Club?

 You will have the chance to become a member of The Dirty Word Club, the initiation is mostly pain-free. But the joy lasts a lifetime. 


Are there any other Bright Invention SoLow pieces you’re particularly interested to see?

Can't wait to watch Dan Student watching porn. I wonder how dirty he will make the stage?

And I'm excited to watch Randi Hickey play the uke. I hope I can sing along!

And my dear friend Carol Ann Graham, she is a wonderful artist, you will leave changed forever.


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