Bright Invention in SoLow Fest: Interviews with The Artists

Next up in our series of interviews on this year's SoLow Festival is Katherine Perry! 


Photo: Sarah R. BloomFirstly, what’s your show called? What’s it about? 

My show is titled Sex Talk, and it's about, well, sex. The audience will find themselves students in a "Sex 101" class in a universe that smashes together Christopher Guest, Carol Burnett, and musical theatre. Also there will be popsicles. 


Jenn and I did an improv scene months ago where we were two young girls who had found an anatomy book in their father's study. This was their first time seeing any sort of diagram of the female body and, naturally, hilarity ensued. This scene got me thinking about how and who we learn about sex from, and what misconceptions may emerge. I knew that I wanted to include singing in my SoLow show, and after writing a few parodies of Broadway standards, the idea of "Sex Talk" slowly came into focus. 


We’ve all been taught some crazy/maybe bogus things about sex. Do you have any things you’ve been taught like that, that you can share?

You know, I have no strong memory of getting the "sex talk" - I remember learning about puberty and safe-sex practices and so on in school, but I don't have any stories to relay. (Maybe I blocked everything out!) 


What’s the most challenging thing you’ve encountered in this process? The most exciting?

Having never written anything meant for performance, I found myself struggling to get going on the writing process. I am used to collaborating on artistic endeavors so this was a very, very scary thing to go at it alone. Something I was very conscious of was not forcing to work on my piece. This being my first go-around creating my own work I wanted to give myself some space to not feel bogged down by the process, which has turned out to be an unsuccessful approach. The biggest challenge for me has been really finding the time and the momentum to put pen to page and make some decisions about the piece. To tell you the truth, I am terrified. It's not the worst thing to be terrified, though. It's just a sex talk after all. 


Any other Bright Invention SoLow pieces you’re particularly excited about seeing?

The other pieces are so wonderfully diverse that I am honestly excited to experience them all! Having worked so closely with the Bright Invention ensemble members it is going to be a pleasure to see what they have created for the festival!