Ensemble Interview: Francesca Piccioni

Next up in our series of Improvathon ensemble interviews is the lovely Francesca Piccioni. Check out her thoughts on this exciting event!


The Improvathon. 24 hours of improvised theatre in Center City Philadelphia. What excites you the most about this event?

I'm excited for the shenanigans that will undoubtedly occur between the hours of 3AM and 7AM. I have never pulled an all-nighter as a student or artist so I can only imagine what we will be saying and doing to one another by that point!

When you mention that you’re going to be a part of this to your friends or family, what are their first reactions?

Generally, they seem a little confused and surprised. We are definitely taking on a seemingly impossible challenge!

The Improvathon takes what Bright Invention does well and then tests that under the challenge of a 24 hour performance. What can audiences expect to see from Bright Invention December 6th-7th. In what ways will it differ from anything they may have seen from us up until this point?

They will always see honest, captivating story-telling regardless of the circumstances. What I also love about our shows is that we don't hide the work on the sidelines. We stay engaged and reactive to the ensemble members playing in. I think this is an opportunity for audiences to see our true strengths as an ensemble because we are really going to be supporting each other and working harder than we've ever worked to maintain our quality of performance. We thrive when challenged; there is no doubt in my mind that we will create powerful and more interesting work hour after hour.

The Improvathon is not only an exciting event for Bright Invention, but also for White Pines Productions. It is an integral part of our capital campaign. Why is it important to you that this event raise funds for White Pines?

Being a member of this ensemble has been creatively nurturing and inspiring. White Pines has given me the opportunity to train as an actor, perform, make money, and give back to the community.  I am proud at all that White Pines is offering through their classes and community outreach. Aside from supporting me as an artist, they are doing good for the people around them. Bright Invention is my family in Philadelphia and I want to see our home base grow and continue to support artists and communities alike!

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Interview by Randi Hickey, Bright Invention Rising Leader