Ensemble Interview: Randi Alexis Hickey

Hey there, internet! We know you've been waiting...so here it is! Another interview from Bright Invention. This time we're talking with Randi Hickey. White Pines Productions Rising Leader, Bright Invention company and stage management intern, and all around enthusiastic theatre person.


Photo Credits: Sarah R. Bloom Photography

  • Randi, First thing’s first, you’re primarily a stage manager, organization and planning are your strongest suits! But when it comes to the Improvathon, its a different beast to tackle entirely. How are you prepping to successfully tackle this absolute monster of planning and preparation?


Lists. Lots and lots of lists. I think the successful tackling of anything includes a good list. Bonus points if it’s written in a cute notebook with a kitten or quote by TIna Fey on the cover. 


  • As a college student, I’m sure you know a thing or two about sleep deprivation, but coffee can only get you so far! How do you plan on dealing with the exhaustion concern all of us are having, from a staff perspective? Any tips or tricks you’re hiding up those sleeves of yours?


Up to this point mostly all of our focus has been on the actors, and how we’re going to make them feel comfortable. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that it’s going to our artistic director and I in that booth for 24 hours as well. As for tips and tricks that I’ll be employing? Generally my go-to is coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee. But you’re right, this is not your average Saturday/Sunday! I’ve never had an energy drink in my life, because I’m pretty sure they’re terrible for you, but I think now’s the time. I imagine going to the Walgreens and just buying one of everything to see what works best, as a sort of dry run. So be on the look out for a small girl who looks like her brain might be exploding in the weeks leading up to the Improvathon. I think Jenn and I might just have to keep an eye on each other and make sure no one’s eyes are falling shut. I give her permission to give me a little shove if she catches me nodding off.


  • Besides the challenge of the Improvathon, why do you think it’s important that White Pines do something like this now; and how do you think it’ll benefit the communities that White Pines are invested in?


The Improvathon is important in two ways for me. 1. It is an instrumental part of White Pines’ Waiting For TheDough capital campaign. White Pines needs to be able to stay in our space in Elkins Park, where we continually have been bringing amazing improv, community events, and classes. It is our home and we’d like to keep it. 2. Bright Invention is phenomenally talented. We’ve been together for about a year learning, performing, and growing. This ensemble brings something special and nuanced to long form improv, and I think it’s time we bring that to both our Elkins Park home, and our Center City home, in a new, dynamic, and challenging way. My hope is that what we do in these 24 hours will inspire something in both communities.


  • Finally, what are you most excited about for the Improvathon? The challenge? The Special guests? The hilarious Improv about to happen at all hours of night and day?


The challenge! I feel pretty confident as Bright Invention’s company and stage management intern, but this event is a whole different beast. So I’m so pumped to test myself in this way. I’ve done a 24 hour event before (New Play Workshop at Eastern University), but we were always encouraged to take naps when we needed them. No naps this time! Plus, I’ve got to be someone that our ensemble can rely on throughout the event. So yes, I’m excited to watch myself and the ensemble rise to the challenge.


Interview by Rising Leader, Mitchell Hansen.

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