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The Elkins Park Fall Festival

White Pines is happy to partner with the Elkins Park Train Station, and Creekside Co-op on this day-long music festival! For descriptions of the events happening at The White Pines Place, scroll down beyond the poster below.


Events at The White Pines Place:


10:30 am: Ben Laden - Folk/International

Ben parent's had him play accordion as a child in hopes it would ward off an unwanted presence in their home... During the First World War Ben's skills on the accordion had not fully formed yet because it was a number of years before his birth.  In contrast to his career of musical mediocrity Ben has been cited by the Nobel Prize Committee for his pioneering work in the use of firearms in proctology. 

12:30 pm: M'BALIA - Acoustic Soul

M'BALIA makes music to counteract the anger, depression, fear and isolation that threatens all of us on a daily basis.  Whether she is working with children in a day care; adults at a spiritual retreat; singing and strumming her original music at  solo shows, or belting well-loved jazz standards while backed up by a trio, she am always trying to do the same thing: ENGAGE and AWAKEN. Engage and awaken the emotions of the audience, engage and awaken her own heart, engage and awaken the world.

Highlights of her work include:

  • Singing background vocals for John Legend’s Grammy-nominated single, “Stay With You”
  • Touring and performing with The Dwike Mitchell-Willie Ruff Duo while completing her undergraduate studies at Yale University
  • Writing liner notes for Orrin Evans’ “The Band Live at Widener University”
  • Playing Los Angeles’ Hotel Cafe; NYC’s The Living Room, Philly’s World Cafe Live, Milkboy, The Grape Room

1:15 pm: Ajde! - World Dance

Susan Anderson has been actively involved in the folk dance community since 1962 as an international folk dancer and musician. She has led international singing workshops for groups, festivals and schools and has taught folk dancing in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Her talents are many: she sings and plays fiddle, gaida, balalaika, keyboard, guitar and tambura. Susan is a member of the International Folk Sounds, a folk dance band that plays for folk dances, festivals, concerts and special events. In addition, she leads a weekly dance and a monthly international music jam, performs Appalachian clogging with the Fiddlekicks, and sings with Svitanya, a women's Eastern European vocal ensemble.

Bill Wadlinger came into dance music-making via folk dancing, having founded Beaver College Folk Dancing with his wife Carol in 1977. Bill plays with International Folk Sounds (the IFS:, as well as Ajde! and the Non-Electric Eclectics (world music trios).  In addition to playing for music and dancing, he teaches folk dancing every Friday afternoon at the Center on the Hill, the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill (

Carol Wadlinger has been active in the folk dance community since the 70's. She is a member of the International Folk Sounds, a folk dance band. She plays flute, piano, English concertina, ukulele, and a smattering of other instruments. In addition to playing for folk dancers, she plays  contra, klezmer, English, etc. She enjoys teaching and encouraging adults to make music for dancers.  She also works for The Music Experience For Young Children teaching music to very young children. When she is not busy playing music, she is on the floor dancing. She and her husband Bill started and ran the Beaver Folk Dance group in the Philadelphia area for over 25 years.

2:15 pm: Svitanya - Eastern European Women's Vocal Ensemble

Svitanya specializes in folk and folk-based songs from all over Eastern Europe. Each song is a story sung in its original language and evoking the timbres, rhythms and harmonies of the region, but also made easily accessible to American audiences with engaging stories and translations. Based in and around Philadelphia, Svitanya has sung extensively in the mid-Atlantic and surrounding states, and also at multiple locations in Bulgaria.

3:15 pm: Acoustic Blender - Alternative Folk

Acoustic Blender is an alternative folk group consisting of Hope Wesley Harrison, Justin Solonynka, and David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans (otherwise known as Two of a Kind).  This unique quartet features intricate vocal harmonies and varied instrumentation including melodica, panpipes, djembe & cajon along with guitar, piano and bass. Acoustic Blender’s repertoire is eclectic, with themes ranging from the personal to the political, the ridiculous to the sublime. Along with numerous originals, the group covers songs by The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, Pete Seeger, Talking Heads and Judy Collins. Otto Bost (WDIY-FM) calls Acoustic Blender "a group of four uniquely talented musicians who sing intelligent, witty, and uplifting songs.  They blend their classical, contemporary, and traditional folk influences together as seamlessly as they blend their powerful four-part harmonies.”

4:30 pm: The David Zee Band - Alt. Rock/Jazz

The David Zee Band is an eclectic group of seasoned musicians, melding rock, blues and jazz to an adult alternative rock sound. They perform songs written by the band leader David Zee and a broad range of savory covers to please all.

6:00 pm: Miles Orion Butler - Rock

"All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood."

Miles Orion Butler is a songwriter/storyteller raised in Philadelphia. At a young age Miles began writing love songs to no one, mostly inspired by day dreams. In his teen years he focused more on playing with the band that he still randomly sometimes play with called Atticus and Ike ( the band played all around the Philadelphia area until they went their separate ways after high school. Lately Miles has been writing music that is his interpretation of the world he experiences and wanders/wonders in. Over the years he has learned to play the Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Ukelele, Drums, Auxiliary Perc and sing.

This past year Miles had the great privilege to go on tour with the folk band from Portland, OR called  The Breaking Yard ( Miles is currently working on his first full length album which will be out by the new year. His EP Go Lightly(recorded in 2011) is available on Bandcamp at




White Pines presents Dave Posmontier live in concert!


-   WRTI’S Bob Perkins hosts this event at Curtis Hall November 16th   - 


The elegant confines of Curtis Hall, Cheltenham Township’s premier event venue, will fill with the sounds of world-class live jazz music Sunday afternoon, November 16th, when recording artist and Elkins Park resident Dave Posmontier plays a benefit concert to support the performing arts company, White Pines Productions. “I’ve been impressed with the dedication White Pines has shown to its community,” says Posmontier. “Years ago, they presented my son in concert, so now I’m returning the favor! I’m always happy to help the cause of art, education and creativity, especially in my neighborhood.”

As if the performance by Posmontier and his band wasn’t glamorous enough, the event is to be hosted by another Elkins Park celebrity: WRTI Jazz Program Host Bob Perkins. Known as “B.P. with the G.M.” to those who follow his jazz radio programs, Perkins will introduce the band, and speak about why having the performing arts accessible to communities is so important.  “We are so happy to have such a distinguished person from the world of Philadelphia arts and culture host this event,” says White Pines Founding Producer Benjamin Lloyd. “Bob has been a prince from the beginning, and we are working closely with him and Dave to create a wonderful afternoon of jazz in Curtis Hall.”

Dave Posmontier Live In Concert is part of White Pines’ fall fund drive, called Waiting For Thedough. It is the second of three events which anchor this drive, which seeks to raise $10,000 by December 15th, 2014. That amount will be matched by an anonymous donor only if $10,000 is raised. “Our first event – Dinner and a Show with Creekside Co-op – was a smash success,” says Lloyd, “we are looking to keep the ball rolling with the jazz concert.” The monies raised will be used to keep White Pines in it’s new location in Elkins Park: The White Pines Place, 7908 High School Road, across from Creekside Co-op. 

Included in the event (doors open at 2:00 pm, concert is at 3:00 pm), will be door prizes, drinks and appetizers. Bright Invention: the White Pines Ensemble, will perform a short “curtain raiser” accompanied by the band. “What we do is so flexible, so nimble,” says Jennifer MacMillan, Bright Invention Artistic Director, “we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create some improv magic with Dave and the band.” Bright Invention will perform ten minutes of improvisation with musical accompaniment, before Dave and the band play.

What a great way to welcome the holiday season: Dave Posmontier, Bob Perkins and Curtis Hall supporting White Pines!


Dave Posmontier & Friends In Concert

 Hosted by Bob Perkins

Sunday November 16th, 3:00 pm

Curtis Hall

Church Road and Greenwood Avenue

Wyncote, PA 19095






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White Pines receives award from PA Partners for the Arts!


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and PECO have issued a grant to White Pines Productions, to support our series of performances in Elkins Park! To which we say . . . THANK YOU!



Below, Bright Invention Artistic Director Jennifer MacMillan, and White Pines Rising Leader Randi Hickey accept the "check" at the ceremony at PECO headquarters Thursday Ocotber 2nd. Notice the image of Bright Invention rehearsing displayed in back!