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White Pines and Creekside Bring Back Dinner Theater!


-   Partnership with Creekside Co-op benefits White Pines fund drive   -

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Thursday September 11, 2014: At 7:00 pm Saturday night October 11th, the doors to the White Pines Place will open and patrons will take in a surprising sensation: the mouth-watering aroma of a three course meal prepared by the catering department of The Creekside Co-op, located right across the street in Elkins Park. After filling their plates with a first course of appetizers and soup, patrons will gather around café tables on either side of the innovative stage set up for a performance of Your Mix Tape, one of the “forms” offered by Bright Invention: the White Pines Ensemble, who specialize in long-form improvisation.

After some short speeches and a five-minute promotional film, patrons will be invited to sample the main course (menu not available as of this release), and then settle in for an hour and 15 minutes of hilarious, poignant and expertly performed improvised theater.

Your Mix Tape is our latest form,” says Jennifer MacMillan, Artistic Director of Bright Invention, “and we’re really excited to share it with this very special audience. When you arrive, you will be asked to tell a member of the White Pines staff the name of a song or piece of music which is meaningful to you. That song then goes on a playlist, which is played during the show, and used to inspire our actors. Your song may be played and be the source of an amazing scene created in front of you and never to be seen again! And when you leave, you will be given a link to the playlist for that evening’s show – your mix tape!”

The White Pines fund drive is called Waiting for Thedough, and will raise $10,000 by December 15th 2014. An anonymous donor has issued a challenge grant which will double that $10,000 and make it $20,000, if White Pines can get to $10K by December 15th. “This is a wonderful opportunity for White Pines to take our value proposition directly to our communities: Philadelphia performing artists, local businesses, and especially our Elkins Park friends and neighbors, who are now our students, supporters and audience” says White Pines Founding Producer and Elkins Park resident Benjamin Lloyd. “This money will make it possible for us to stay in our Elkins Park location, and continue transforming lives one at a time through performing arts classes, improvisation shows, performances at senior centers and outreach to isolated or underserved communities.”

Creekside Co-op has been the lynchpin for a renaissance in Elkins Park East, the bustling business district located right next to the Elkins Park SEPTA train station. “We are so excited to be working closely with Creekside on this and many other exciting projects,” says Lloyd. Ali Roy, Administration and Communication Manager for Creekside Co-op agrees: “The White Pines Place is an important part of the new vitality and energy around the co-op. We are thrilled to be working with White Pines, and Ben and I have some other plans brewing which will benefit both organizations. Stay tuned!”

“Creekside and White Pines will both be feeding you on October 11th,” says Lloyd. “Creekside will be feeding your body, and White Pines will be feeding your soul.”

Tickets are $40 per person for this event, and entitles the ticketholder to a three course meal and the show, Your Mix Tape. Doors open at 7:00 pm.



Saturday October 11th, 7:00 pm

The White Pines Place

7908 High School Road

Elkins Park, PA  19027


Order your tickets by clicking here!

For more information about Your Mix Tape Dinner Theater:

contact Benjamin Lloyd at 877-674-8338,




White Pines: Dynamic Creativity, Growing Communities, Lasting Relationships.




Video from summer resident ensemble Broken Box Mime!



Introducing: The White Pines Exchange 


A whole new way to support the artists you love!
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White Pines Launches
Bold On-Line Initiative


The White Pines Exchange

White Pines Productions, Inc. is thrilled to announce a brand-new program, in keeping with its mission to “explore new paradigms for making art and supporting artists”. Think of it as an on-line gift exchange in which our Sponsored Artists offer in-person, face-to-face expressions of gratitude from our artists. The artist you support may show up to sing at your event, paint with you, create a house concert, or teach you some new ways to stretch.

It’s simple:
  • Our sponsored artists name five needs
  • We link those needs to local businesses
  • We ask donors to meet those needs
  • When a need is met, the artist comes to the donor in person to say “thank you”.
learn more about The White Pines Exchange and meet our Sponsored Artists »
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For the Artistic Rebuttal Project

Submitted to the Artistic Rebuttal Project:


This is a challenging assignment for White Pines, not because we have a hard time proclaiming the importance of artistic creativity in the world - indeed, that belief is our raison d'être - but rather because to do so would take many pages. So let us state it plainly and forcefully:

Artistic creativity is a personally transformative experience which heals people, builds citizens and strengthens communities.

White Pines believes that one of the obstacles to fully realizing the potential of the above statement are the constraints of commerce (a.k.a. money). The benefits of witnessing, teaching and participating in artistic creativity are reduced when society attempts to place a dollar-value price tag on those benefits. Alas, this is the only means we have to ascribe value to creative events, programs and objects.

Or is it?

What if, instead of trying to figure out how much a music program which saves the lives of inner city young people (notice that phrase, used intentionally - "saves the lives") is worth, we admitted that such a program is priceless, that it exists outside the noble and respected capital economy, and instead, we learned what the artists needed who are providing this service? What if, instead of hanging a price tag on a painting, we learned what that artist needs in her life (new winter boots, visits to a dentist, a weekend away with her lover), and provided for one of these needs in exchange for what she has made? What if we explored a myriad of ways we could assist communities in supporting artists who are making commitments to those communities, by lifting up innovative new "economies" based not on subjective assessment of commercial "value", but instead on the critical mission of saving the lives of our youth, building peaceful and joy-filled neighborhoods, seeding tolerance, and making the world more beautiful. 

White Pines believes that if we do not succeed in this mission, it not for lack of effort or creativity, but rather that we continue to work within old paradigms whose time has passed. White Pines challenges artists, communities leaders, and philanthropists to think bigger and braver. The question is not how can make this happen, but rather what obstacles must we remove to let it happen. Because in Philadelphia it has been happening - is trying to happen. There is no other region in the country with the same combination of foundation and corporate support, serious and creative artistic administrators, teachers and practitioners, and institutional infrastructure. We are poised to change this paradigm, blaze new trails, save lives, build communities, paint, write, dance and act our way into a beautiful future. 

We're all in. We're leaving it all on the field. Pedal to the metal. 



Benjamin Lloyd

Founding Producer

White Pines Productions