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White Pines presents Dave Posmontier live in concert!


-   WRTI’S Bob Perkins hosts this event at Curtis Hall November 16th   - 


The elegant confines of Curtis Hall, Cheltenham Township’s premier event venue, will fill with the sounds of world-class live jazz music Sunday afternoon, November 16th, when recording artist and Elkins Park resident Dave Posmontier plays a benefit concert to support the performing arts company, White Pines Productions. “I’ve been impressed with the dedication White Pines has shown to its community,” says Posmontier. “Years ago, they presented my son in concert, so now I’m returning the favor! I’m always happy to help the cause of art, education and creativity, especially in my neighborhood.”

As if the performance by Posmontier and his band wasn’t glamorous enough, the event is to be hosted by another Elkins Park celebrity: WRTI Jazz Program Host Bob Perkins. Known as “B.P. with the G.M.” to those who follow his jazz radio programs, Perkins will introduce the band, and speak about why having the performing arts accessible to communities is so important.  “We are so happy to have such a distinguished person from the world of Philadelphia arts and culture host this event,” says White Pines Founding Producer Benjamin Lloyd. “Bob has been a prince from the beginning, and we are working closely with him and Dave to create a wonderful afternoon of jazz in Curtis Hall.”

Dave Posmontier Live In Concert is part of White Pines’ fall fund drive, called Waiting For Thedough. It is the second of three events which anchor this drive, which seeks to raise $10,000 by December 15th, 2014. That amount will be matched by an anonymous donor only if $10,000 is raised. “Our first event – Dinner and a Show with Creekside Co-op – was a smash success,” says Lloyd, “we are looking to keep the ball rolling with the jazz concert.” The monies raised will be used to keep White Pines in it’s new location in Elkins Park: The White Pines Place, 7908 High School Road, across from Creekside Co-op. 

Included in the event (doors open at 2:00 pm, concert is at 3:00 pm), will be door prizes, drinks and appetizers. Bright Invention: the White Pines Ensemble, will perform a short “curtain raiser” accompanied by the band. “What we do is so flexible, so nimble,” says Jennifer MacMillan, Bright Invention Artistic Director, “we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create some improv magic with Dave and the band.” Bright Invention will perform ten minutes of improvisation with musical accompaniment, before Dave and the band play.

What a great way to welcome the holiday season: Dave Posmontier, Bob Perkins and Curtis Hall supporting White Pines!


Dave Posmontier & Friends In Concert

 Hosted by Bob Perkins

Sunday November 16th, 3:00 pm

Curtis Hall

Church Road and Greenwood Avenue

Wyncote, PA 19095






White Pines: Dynamic Creativity, Growing Communities, Lasting Relationships.



White Pines receives award from PA Partners for the Arts!


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and PECO have issued a grant to White Pines Productions, to support our series of performances in Elkins Park! To which we say . . . THANK YOU!



Below, Bright Invention Artistic Director Jennifer MacMillan, and White Pines Rising Leader Randi Hickey accept the "check" at the ceremony at PECO headquarters Thursday Ocotber 2nd. Notice the image of Bright Invention rehearsing displayed in back!





Video from summer resident ensemble Broken Box Mime!



For the Artistic Rebuttal Project

Submitted to the Artistic Rebuttal Project:


This is a challenging assignment for White Pines, not because we have a hard time proclaiming the importance of artistic creativity in the world - indeed, that belief is our raison d'être - but rather because to do so would take many pages. So let us state it plainly and forcefully:

Artistic creativity is a personally transformative experience which heals people, builds citizens and strengthens communities.

White Pines believes that one of the obstacles to fully realizing the potential of the above statement are the constraints of commerce (a.k.a. money). The benefits of witnessing, teaching and participating in artistic creativity are reduced when society attempts to place a dollar-value price tag on those benefits. Alas, this is the only means we have to ascribe value to creative events, programs and objects.

Or is it?

What if, instead of trying to figure out how much a music program which saves the lives of inner city young people (notice that phrase, used intentionally - "saves the lives") is worth, we admitted that such a program is priceless, that it exists outside the noble and respected capital economy, and instead, we learned what the artists needed who are providing this service? What if, instead of hanging a price tag on a painting, we learned what that artist needs in her life (new winter boots, visits to a dentist, a weekend away with her lover), and provided for one of these needs in exchange for what she has made? What if we explored a myriad of ways we could assist communities in supporting artists who are making commitments to those communities, by lifting up innovative new "economies" based not on subjective assessment of commercial "value", but instead on the critical mission of saving the lives of our youth, building peaceful and joy-filled neighborhoods, seeding tolerance, and making the world more beautiful. 

White Pines believes that if we do not succeed in this mission, it not for lack of effort or creativity, but rather that we continue to work within old paradigms whose time has passed. White Pines challenges artists, communities leaders, and philanthropists to think bigger and braver. The question is not how can make this happen, but rather what obstacles must we remove to let it happen. Because in Philadelphia it has been happening - is trying to happen. There is no other region in the country with the same combination of foundation and corporate support, serious and creative artistic administrators, teachers and practitioners, and institutional infrastructure. We are poised to change this paradigm, blaze new trails, save lives, build communities, paint, write, dance and act our way into a beautiful future. 

We're all in. We're leaving it all on the field. Pedal to the metal. 



Benjamin Lloyd

Founding Producer

White Pines Productions